Leveraging the Power of Real-Time Data Visualization

May 4, 2021

A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially when you are trying to find relationships and understand data that includes hundreds of thousands of variables.

Data Visualization is a concept that has been around for centuries. It is the representation of raw data or information in the form of graphs, charts, or any other visual format. Data plays a huge role in today’s world, and we must make maximum use of it.

Stepping into a digital era, data visualization has become a necessity with the advancement in machinery and equipment.

Importance of  Visualizing Data in The Manufacturing Industry.

The manufacturing industry is an industry that has had and continues to constantly evolve. It keeps improving in terms of efficiency, speed-to-market, and productivity to keep pace with the strong demand and increasing customer expectations. The manufacturing sector worldwide has gone through an extensive transformation during the last two decades. This is all thanks to the comprehensive computerization and automation that took place in industries across the globe.

Today, the manufacturing industry has reached a certain threshold in terms of mechanical advancements. The industry is now more focused on how it could improve efficiency, reduce time to market and keep up with the complexity of the global supply chain by improving the processes in the industry. This has led manufacturers to practice concepts such as Lean, TPM, Six Sigma, etc.

Data visualization is important in a field like manufacturing simply because this industry deals with an immense volume of data.

From converting raw materials into finished products, the manufacturing industry is composed of many sequential processes handled by multiple departments. From raw material inventory to finished goods warehouse, there is an endless flow of material and information from one department to the other. The entire manufacturing process is such a complex chain of activities, a delay by a single minute can lead to a loss worth millions for manufacturers. Hence, it is an arduous but crucial task to keep track of the real-time performance of the factories to avoid problematic situations.

Concepts as Lean, Six Sigma, have shown the importance of Data Visualization. Tools used in such concepts encourage visual data representations. The human brain can process information, using charts, graphs, and other pictograms easily. Visualizing large amounts of complex data would be far effective than poring over spreadsheets or reports. Such data visualization tools help to display information in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. These representations are stimulating to the brain, and easy to comprehend in an instant. In a time where utilizing data is a top-notch priority of the manufacturing industry, Data visualization has proved itself as a real game-changer.

Data Visualization has paved the way for manufacturers to make quick decisions at-a-glance, reduce inconsistencies in processes, and waste of resources. This has allowed them to dramatically improve their product quality and yield. It has given manufacturing plants the impetus to improve further. The human workforce can now work more harmoniously with machines and generate truly impressive productivity improvements.

Getting the Best out of Data Visualization.

Manufacturing is fast-paced, and as a result, it requires a fast-paced solution to keep up with the ever-changing industry. In a time where factories are inundated with significant volumes of data, having a digitalized system is far effective and easier to maintain than using a manual system. With data presented in the form of informative visuals that is easy to comprehend and could be updated in real-time, the management would be able to;

  • Identify bottlenecks at a glance
  • Take necessary actions and treat the root cause.
  • Streamline production process with prompt responses and avoid idling or wastage of time, equipment, labor, and raw materials.
  • Avoid the occurrence of similar mistakes and improve productivity.
  • Establish baselines, benchmarks, and goals to improve further.
  • Effectively manage inventories and warehouse
  • Reduce production costs, anticipate shortages, and improve manufacturing processes.

Data Visualization is a remarkably effective solution to identifying problems on the manufacturing floor. Monitoring and maintaining the transparency of processes would be effortless. This would pave the way for a seamless production process throughout the factories and production plants.

With the global apparel manufacturing industry embracing Data Visualization, most of the South and East Asian manufacturers are yet to get into it. We as AppTech Innovations are determined to help our clients to identify their bottlenecks through data visualization. Get in touch with us to explore your abilities and improve your potential. This is your opportunity to gear up to become a world-class manufacturing facility to compete in the global market.