Kubix Link PLM: The best fashion PLM software for Apparel Manufacturers

December 6, 2021

The fashion industry is becoming more challenging than ever. The need for speed in fashion has created the industry to shorten the go-to-market time. Manufacturers have to take their products to global brands considerably faster by shortening the product development cycles while juggling tons of data spread over excel sheets, E-mails & files. As a result designers, merchandisers and sample rooms are the most affected by the shortened timelines and increased developments. Traditional fashion PLM will no longer be adaptable to these challenges. Hence, discovering the best PLM software for fashion is crucial.

Kubix Link is a cloud-based platform developed for forward-thinking apparel manufacturers and fashion companies. Apparel Manufacturers can deliver better products at a faster go to market time with Kubix Link.

This intuitive solution enables unparalleled collaboration, by providing a unique and ever-evolving ecosystem of Product Life Cycle Management and Digital Asset Management and more that mirrors your business model.

It is capable of fully integrating every aspect of product development related business processes. Above all, the solution facilitates managing of all  Designs, Tech Pack Information, BOM, BOL, Pattern files and many more pertaining to all product development projects of the manufacturer. In fact, these are integrated into one familiar industry 4.0-inspired platform. With Kubix Link product development teams can maintain materials and colour libraries, supplier databases, share information and images. This can be done with very minimum steps and be confident that they are always looking at the latest version.


Turning data into actionable insights

Kubix link allows seamless integration with different systems across the product development cycle. Above all, it helps you analyze structured and unstructured data from suppliers, product development teams and clients. Having all the required data in one platform allows designers, merchandisers, pattern makers and all involved in the product development team to export analysis-ready reports with a click of a button.

Connected, adaptable and powerful

It is a flexible solution, accessible anywhere any time from any device quickly embraced by teams thanks to its familiar interface similar to those of social networks. Its web-inspired interface, enables users to navigate and search for product information easily. At a glance, merchandisers can get an overview, make reports, communicate and update information in real-time on any device. Certainly, it allows them to focus on value-added tasks and “unleash their innovative potential”.

Improve transparency and traceability

Traceability across the Product Development process is a prerequisite for true understanding and eventual improvement of a manufactures’ business potential. Kubix Link PLM can serve as a transparency-enabling system that not only helps to ensure a streamlined development of samples but also helps profit margins by reducing iteration and improving product quality.


The most expected benefit from modern PLM solutions is the ability to integrate design, product developments and cost management processes into one system. Providing a holistic view of a product’s progress throughout the development process between both internal and external teams is another.

Certainly, the path forward in fashion inevitably travels through PLM. Investing in the right solution now lays the groundwork for your company’s future growth by giving your team:

  • Real-time, laser-focused communication and collaboration for more effective, non-sequential workflows, strikingly familiar interface that is easy to use and understand
  • A single structured repository, for all complex product data that improves visibility into costs, product progress and historical designs
  • The power to eliminate low-value tasks like locating spreadsheets or emails for increased efficiency and fewer errors

Being the sole representatives of Lectra, we at Apparel technologies take great pride in being the only and best fashion PLM software provider, with a local implementation and support team in Sri Lanka. As pioneers in gearing up the local apparel industry for a technological future, we believe our expertise, added to a PLM software dedicated to manufacturers can help your company to discover your potential and explore beyond.