AppTech Labs

Apptech Labs is the Digital Solutions team of Apptech Innovations, Comprising a versatile team of experienced professionals providing end-to-end solutions for eCommerce, data analytics and also build custom software solutions.

Solutions Development

  • Custom Software Development
    • Building customized software tools for your business. These developments can be anything from a small automation tool to even complex collection of tools which work synchronously to improve business performance.
    • Tasks such as checking readings from machines, processing complex reports can be automated using a computer to make it much more accurate and cost effective. We are specialized in taking such tasks and mapping it into a simpler solution which saves you cost apart from getting an accurate and efficient output.
  • Business Systems Integration
    • Integrate your existing systems to ensure smooth flow of data between the process so that no re-entry or data mismatch takes place.
    • Most of the businesses use different systems such as ERP,Payroll and accounting to effectively run operations. However most of these systems are independent of each other and as a result there are repetitive manual processes to transfer data from one system to the other. We are capable of implementing integration between your systems so that you can reduce time spent on repetitive processes along with reducing data entry errors to zero.

Data Manipulation & Visualization

  • Data Migration & Transformation
    • We amalgamate your data which is in various forms and different sources in a single location for you to query and analyze.
    • Over the years organizations have kept their data in different formats such as paper, excel,docs etc. Today, organizations want to move to the digital era by adopting to data driven decisions made by analyzing infer trends and patterns. This is not easy when you have your data in different formats. We will amalgamate all data scattered in different sources in different formats to help you get a comprehensive helicopter-view
  • Custom Dashboard & Visualization
    • Turn your reporting and tabulated data into easy to understand dashboards and visualization with real-time updates.
    • In today‚Äôs fast paced environment, it is essential for decision makers to view data in an insightful manner in order to make quick business decisions. We are ready to create easy to understand data dashboards and visuals for effective decision making on a day to day basis.
Apptech Labs