Transforming and modernizing apparel
industry with best in class technology and
business processes.

Functioning under the purview of Apparel Technologies, Apptech Innovations focuses on transforming and modernizing apparel industry with best in class technology and business processes. Today, we have stepped in to the 4th Industrial revolution combining key technologies - primarily the industrial Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence.

Apparel BPO

The apparel industry has been introduced to new markets and shifting consumer needs over the past few years. To keep up with the market changes manufacturers has to accommodate multiple production models at the same time. In order to be competitive manufacturers are looking towards ways of being more productive and utilizing their resources better. With a team of highly trained industry experts we are able to analyse and optimize your organization’s processes to significantly increase efficiency. Through business process re-engineering we ensure a significant increase in productivity in which you would achieve optimum production capability.

Apparel Automation

There are many mundane and repetitive tasks in the Apparel Manufacturing process. Using humans for certain tasks cannot really achieve the consistent quality that is expected. We at Apptech innovations are keen on introducing the latest innovations to you to automate tedious and repetitive tasks with new technology. We help you choose the best available solution for your problem.

Apparel 4.0

With rapid changes in the industry manufacturers have to keep track of all the variables that are affecting their business. Traditional methods of maintaining excels is not enough anymore. Sometimes real time data is needed in order to make better decisions. We are ready to introduce you the latest software solutions to streamline your production and administrative processes in order to become industry 4.0 compliant. Our team will assist you with a complete digital transformation strategy allowing you to better use data to reach the next level.

Apptech Labs

Not every manufacturer has the same requirement when it comes to the production floor. Most of the time the production model will vary based on the type of garments being produced. Each factory has unique bottlenecks which are inherent to that specific garment type. To overcome such bottlenecks we are ready to give you customized solutions based on your requirement. Apptech Labs is dedicated to bring end to end solutions encompassing both hardware and software tailored specifically to your requirement.

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About Us

For over 30 years, The Bobbin Group has helped industry leaders transform the business landscape of the Apparel Industry. Our latest initiative, Apptech Innovations strives to further innovate the apparel manufacturing landscape.

With a team of highly specialized engineers focusing on technology, innovation and process optimization we are dedicated to fulfilling our customers’ needs with the most creative and cost-effective solutions.

In pursuit of the group’s penultimate goal being a part of our customers’ journeys to digital automation, AppTech Innovations is the premium knowledge share partner for Industry 4.0 transformation.

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